New Product Release


Metglas Amorphous Metal Transformer Core


Metglas DT Core

Metglas®, Inc. is pleased to announce the commercial launch of Amorphous Metal Transformer Core product that will meet and exceed your Distribution Transformer requirements and it is made in the USA! The official launch date for this new product is 9-June-2020.

Metglas has capabilities in-house to make distribution transformer cores in order to support our customer designs and their production needs. 

Our Amorphous Transformer cores are manufactured from low loss Metglas® 2605HB1M transformer core alloy. This low loss, high permeability alloy has excellent performance for Single and Three phase commercial, industrial and distribution transformer applications.

Metglas® amorphous alloys are earth-friendly, high technology materials for distribution transformers that can reduce no-load loss (standby electricity) in distribution transformers to about one-third the level compared to those using grain-oriented electrical steel. Worldwide use of amorphous metal-based transformers, therefore, will help us reduce fossil-fuel dependency and create a cleaner environment with higher air quality.

For more details please review our datasheet: Metglas AMTC


Metglas® 2605HB1M – Next Generation of Amorphous Transformer Core Alloy is made in America!