Nanocrystalline Foil

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Our nanocrystalline foils are a continuously developed process that is still being currently studied and looked up for various other applications. The random molecular structure of the nanocrystalline foil produces quicker and easier to navigate route for electromagnetic particles to pass through. This streamlined process causes the foil to become more energy and cost efficient.

These emerging applications include but are not limited to:

High-Frequency Power Transformers
  • Lower core losses compared to Fe based amorphous reducing the core size for high frequency transformer, low magnetostriction results in low audible noise
Chokes for EMI Filters
  • Higher saturation induction over ferrite, higher impedance permeability resulting in smaller core size compared to Mn-Zn ferrite
Magnetic Shielding Sheets
  • High permeability properties are ideal for radiation noise suppression and electromagnetic shielding
Current and Magnetic Sensors
  • Material can be wound into small sized cores with high saturation and low permeability, very linear and easily compensable phase curve due to highly linear B-H loop
Pulse Power Cores
  • Saturable cores and step-up pulse transformer used in pulse power supplies for lasers and accelerators


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