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Energy Savings by Country


In the year 2010, it was estimated that total energy savings for the regions listed would amount to 81(TWh) of core loss reduction per year, or the equivalent of US $6.1 billion dollars annually. The reduction in the production of CO2, a major contributor to global warming, would be 47 million tons yearly.

Core Losses
Potential Annual
Savings with
AMDT's Year
Potential Annual
Savings with
( millions, US$)4
Annual CO2
Reduction in
Millions of
USA 3901 33.2


1670 13.6
EU27 3034 25.8 19.0 1422 7.1
China 3624 30.8 20.6 1545 17.9
Japan 964 8.2 5.5 413 2.0
Russia 851 7.2 5.8 435 2.3
India 669 5.7 4.6 347 3.7
Brazil 440 3.7 3.0 225 0.2
1Enerdata Global Energy Statistical Yearbook 2010 and Eurelectric 2010 (2009 numbers) for EU27.
2SEEDT Report EIE-05-056 and Metglas estimates
3Based on Metglas experience
4$0.075/kwhr Energy costs
5Based on percentage and efficiency of thermal generation

Earth at Night
Earth at Night. Courtesy: DMSP and NASA.

“... new transformer core designs are emerging that use amorphous metal instead of the traditional silicon steel. These amorphous core transformers … offer up to 80 percent lower core losses than conventional transformers”.

~ The Office of Energy Efficiency Natural Resources Canada

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