Metglas® 2605SA1 & 2605HB1M Magnetic Alloy

General Properties & Characteristics
Saturation Induction (T)  
As Cast 1.56
Maximum DC Permeability (µ)
Annealed 600,000
As Cast 45,000
Saturation Magnetostriction (ppm) 27
Electrical Resistivity (µΩ-cm) 130
Curie Temperature (°C) 395
Thickness (µm) 23
Standard Available Widths  
Minimum (mm) 5
Maximum (mm) 213
Density (g/cm3) 7.18
Vicker's Hardness (50g Load) 900
Tensile Strength (GPa) 1-2
Elastic Modulus (GPa) 100-110
Lamination Factor (%) >84
Thermal Expansion (ppm/°C) 7.6
Crystallization Temperature (°C) 510
Continuous Service Temp. (°C) 150


  • Distribution and power transformers
  • Motors
  • High frequency inductors
  • Current transformers
  • Devices requiring high permeability and low loss at low frequencies


  • Extremely low core loss, 40% of the core loss of grade M3 electrical steel (core loss at 50 Hz is approximately 80% of 60 Hz values). This is for finished cores.
  • High permeability

Downloadable Document in PDF format 2605SA1 Technical Bulletin

Downloadable Document in PDF format 2605SA1 Material safety Data Sheet

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Typical DC Hysteresis Loop
MetglasĀ® Alloy 2605SA1

Typical Impedance Permeability Curves
MetglasĀ® Alloy 2605SA1
Longitudinal Field Anneal

Typical Core Loss Curves
MetglasĀ® Alloy 2605SA1
Longitudinal Field Anneal

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