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What is the best alloy for flux gate magnetometers?

show answer » Our 2714A material with longitudnal anneal is best suited for the flux gate magnetometer.

Do you provide security sytems to prevent theft?

show answer » We are a leading supplier of amorphous metals used in electronic article surveillane (EAS) systems.

We provide the active magnetic material in Harmonic (Electromagnetic) and Resonant (Acoustomagnetic) Electronic Article Surveilance (EAS) targets/tags/labels.

Companies such as Checkpoint provide finished targets/tags/labels and detection systems.

What sort of annealing (transverse, longitudinal, zero field, etc...) do you recommend for low field, DC shielding applications?

show answer » Depending on the direction of the magnetic field you want to shield in a shielding material configuration you choose, annealing is different. Sometimes no annealing is needed. For specific help with your application please submit a technical inquiry describing your basic configuration.

I would like to know more about anisotropy of METGLAS 2605SA1, does it occur at all, and if it does, how does it effect core losses?

show answer » As-cast METGLAS2605SA1 ribbon has a magnetic anisotropy along the ribbon length direction (induced by casting), which can be changed by heat-treatment. For example, by applying a magnetic field along the ribbon length direction, you can increase the degree of the cast-in anisotropy. The effect of the anisotropy on core loss depends on the size and direction of the magnetic anisotropy. This is a general property of a magnetic material and I recommend that you read, for example, a book "Physics of Magnetism" by S. Chikazumi (John Wiley & Sons, New York; 1964).

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