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Can Metglas Brazing Foil be used to join steel plates?

show answer » Because of the various melting points for different Metglas Brazing Foil Alloys and steel products, it is possible to use Metglas products in this application.

You will need to contact us with specifics for the metals you are trying to join before we can give a definitive answer.

Does Metglas Produce a Brazing Powder?

show answer » Metglas Brazing Foil is 100% high purity alloy that does not use any caustic bonding agents or chemicals to create the bond. These impurities tend to leave voids and gaps in the bonded surface which may result in joint failure.

Metglas currently only produces our brazing filler metals in a ribbon form with many sizes and alloy compositions available to the consumer.

Currently, it is not available as a powder.

If I use Metglas Brazing Foil in my EGR Cooler design, what kind of design advantages can I expect?

show answer » Metglas Brazing Foil allows you the flexibility to modify your design away from the standard shell/tube structure to a more compact layered plate/fin EGR Cooler structure. This plate/fin design provides space savings and the use of Metglas Brazing Foils to join the layers provides a more robust construction compared to welded joints or those made with brazing pastes or powders.

If I switch from using brazing powder to Metglas Brazing Foil for joining steel plates and fins in my automotive heat exchanger design, can I expect to have better joint strength?

show answer » Metglas Brazing Foil exhibits the highest surface area per joint. The properties of the material allow a high heat transfer rate per cross-section and can demonstrate up to 3X the shear strength of joints made with similar brazing powders & pastes.

I am brazing stainless steel using Nickel-based brazing paste in my current automotive design and am experiencing furnace life longevity concerns - should I expect better furnace life if I use Metglas Brazing Foils instead?

show answer » Yes, the furnace life should be greatly enhanced since the Metglas Brazing Foil eliminates the need for binders. These binders can erode the brazing furnace surfaces requiring furnace repairs more quickly. Metglas Brazing Foil also has infinite shelf life compared to some pastes that need to be mixed then promptly used.

We have a very intricate engine design that requires metal joining and during my production cycle, we are over-spraying (and subsequently wasting) a lot of brazing powder. Is there a way to reduce the amount of waste I am experiencing with my brazing materials?

show answer » Metglas Brazing Foil allows for accurate and precise lay-down of brazing materials on the surfaces that require joining - this process is much more efficient since the brazing material is only applied to the surfaces to be brazed without excess. Also, Metglas Brazing Foil is able to be cut into precise shapes (known as "preforms") that can be applied to A-symmetrical surfaces that require brazing.

Do you have a brazing foil with a low melting point of 100 deg c?

show answer » METGLAS, Inc produces no brazing foil or solder that can be used for joining at 100C.

What is the difference between A and B grade brazing alloys?

show answer » Grade A,has rigid tolerances of ribbon width and thickness. Grade B has larger variations in these parameters. Both grades have the same composition and the composition variations relative to the nominal composition.

What are the advantages of using Metglas Brazing Foils material in an automotive metal substrate versus brazing powders?

show answer » Metglas foils allows for better joint strength - exhibiting nearly 3X the shear strength of a powder brazed joint. The properties of the metallic brazing foil also allow for more precise lay-down and reduced waste of materials. Other advantages include: contaminant free brazing, virtually reject-free joints, and unlimited shelf life.

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